I believe magical moments are created when there is total trust, creating a unique chemistry


Dominant by nature, I am a strict but sensual Domina. I expect respect, and in return I offer you the opportunity to demonstrate your complete devotion to me.

My first introduction to the fetish scene was at the ‘Sex Maniacs Ball’ at the London Dungeon. The ball catered for all kinds of erotic fantasies and tastes, but I was most spellbound by the Mistresses and their devoted slaves. When a slave asked if he could worship my feet, I instinctively found myself barking at him that he had forgotten to say please, and as a result of this disrespect I made him follow me around on all fours, begging my forgivness. Only after administering six accurate strokes from a riding crop to his backside did I allow him to worship my feet. The feeling of power this gave me was like nothing I’d experienced before.

 Thigh boots & corset Mistress Kings Cross

Through the 1900’s I hosted Club Submission, once regarded as London’s best fetish dance club. I have always been a powerful, dominant woman and through clubs such as Skin 2, TortureGarden, Der Putch, Café Ensemble and Club Goddess, I found an outlet for this force.


My love of rubber and sensual clothing prompted me to open Libido in Camden London, the first high street fetish boutique of its kind. During this time I acted out my dominant fantasies whenever I could.


As a professional Mistress I enjoy the fun side of S & M play, and as a result I love what I do. I have a wicked sense of humour. There is a great sense of satisfaction after a session where both Mistress and slave have let go of everyday life and truly escaped.


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email: submission@mistressdomatella.comyou can email but Mistress prefers phone contact