naughty schoolboys

“Please pull my ears hard like My School teacher”.


You have a schoolroom domination fantasy.

You want to be humiliated or punished by Headmistress.

Head Mistress Domatella

Head Mistress Domatella is a very strict disciplinarian.

She will administer due punishment and humiliation to naughty boys who have been sent to Her school as no other school is capable of managing them. Mistress, will of course be dressed in an appropriate fashion – white blouse, tight black skirt, seamed black stockings with matching suspenders and high heels.

The School Room is set up with desks and a blackboard and equipped with a selection of punishment implements – straps, paddles, tauses, and Head Mistress Domatella’s favourite tool: the cane which takes pride of place on Her desk.

Pupils may be instructed to bring their homework on the project they have been given. Failure to produce this work will result in severe punishment.

The sessions may be one to one with the Head Mistresses in Her study where you are questioned as to your misbehaviour, for example exposing yourself, playing with yourself or with another pupil behind the bike sheds, smoking anywhere – and depending on the seriousness of the offence this will determine the severity of your punishment.

You can session with Head Mistress Domatella alone, or in addition the school secretary Francesca Harding may be present to witness your punishment, as indeed may other pupils.

An example school room roleplay scenario:


You have been caught stealing from Head Mistresses office. You have also caught playing with yourself and offending other members of the class. Your punishment must of course fit the crime. You are told to undress and stand completely naked before Head Mistress. You are made to wear a pair of seamed stockings whilst receiving your punishment – a very hard hand spanking over the knee of perhaps as many as 100 spanks, each stroke counted out loud by you, the naughty boy. This is almost unbearable, but bearable, and your bottom glows red after Head Mistress has completed her punishment. Not to mention your rather red face.